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Veni Vidi Blah...LFC 0 - 0 Chelsea

We came, we saw, well at least we didn't lose. I would post a video of the great match highlights, but there was not any to speak of. The 90 minute contest was full of chances that were not capitalized on. It was, however, worth watching.

Both sides came out with high pressure. Peter Crouch had a few headers that were worthy of the back of the net, but he could not seal the deal. Kuyt played well, but ended up too far on the flank too often and was forced to cross and look for Crouch who just wasn't having a good day. I know Carragher didn't like playing right back, but damn he was good at it in the Sunderland match and would have been an asset in this one.

It was good to see the Reds giving it their all, but you could definitely tell that the team had not played together enough. There were too many shots gone wide and too many passes to invisible players. With a few training sessions, we'll crush Barnsley next week in the FA Cup and hopefully that'll propel us to put some big numbers up against Inter Milan. As much as I liked watching team USA and England play, I think Rafa's right. These international friendlies are fucking up our seasons and players.

One last thought and maybe Jack has some input on it as well, have you ever seen so many free kicks given for challenging keepers? Very strange officiating. Around the 70' I was starting to wonder if the ball would be able to move for than a few yards without a whistle blowing.

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