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Sunderland Preview

While watching the latest episode of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America (the real one, not the overproduced flip my restaurant crap that Fox was trying to put out), I suddenly remembered something. "Oh! We have a match Saturday."

Liverpool beat Sunderland 2-0 earlier this season at the Stadium of Light, which is located one block down from the Fortress of Solitude. So, no problem right?

I sincerely hope that Rafa Benitez does the right thing, which is basically anything different from what he's been doing. I've noticed something interesting about this rotation policy. When the team plays like crap, the rotation seems to stop. When they play well, it runs rampant. It's almost like he spins a roulette wheel and when it lands on black instead of red, he stares at it and wills it to change instead of reaching over and giving it a nudge.

All I can say is thank God Roy Keane isn't playing.


This guy scares the crap out of me! He really looks like he could stare a hole right through someone. Perhaps he has some sort of bionic capabilities that derive their power from that big vein on the side of his head.

There are lots of interesting statistical things that could happen Saturday. None of them were interesting enough for me to cut and paste so you can just read about them here.
Most of them hinge on us actually winning a game and I don't want to be presumptuous.

You can catch the match live on Fox Soccer Channel at 12pm ET or, if you're hung over, you can read about it here immediately following the game.

In related news, the source of Britney Spears' craziness is apparently that she is upset at Peter Crouch's lack of time on the pitch.

I might have made that last part up--but if I didn't, you heard it here first.

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