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Regrettably, Time's Come to Send You on Your Way

Dearest readers,

This will be my final post on this blog as I am passing the torch solely to Nadia. I could go into a whole slew of reasons why I'm leaving, but basically it boils down to why everyone else does. The real world sometimes gets too real and dominates every aspect of our lives, including the stuff that's fun.

I've been doing this just shy of a year and have enjoyed the hell out of it. One of the scariest things I ever did was make my first post on this blog. It's a crazy thing knowing that what you write will be read and will be criticized openly. There's been negative comments that made me want to quit, and positive comments that spurred me on. All in all, I think they both made me a better writer and for that I am truly thankful to you, the reader.

You can keep tabs on me at where steven. has been working his ass off and making me feel like a slacker.

Thanks to Daryl and everyone at theoffside for the opportunity to have a voice here. I now leave you in the capable hands of the Asian Persuasion...



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