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Weekly Poll

This week's poll question is a pessimistic one because after coming up scoreless against Fulham, I'm finding it hard to get excited about anything. Marseille come to Anfield tomorrow, hoping to grab another shock victory like they did last season. So far, I'd classify our performance in the Premier League as "good" and in the Champions League as "okay." The problem with that is "good" and "okay" do not win trophies.

There has been talk the past few weeks about Rafa being offered a new deal, but we have not heard anything more thus far. That brings us to this week's question. If Liverpool go another season without bringing home any silverware, should Rafa stay on as manager? Please explain your votes in the comments. If he should, then how long should he be given to deliver a cup or title and what's the minimum goal? If he shouldn't, then who else would be fit to manage our side and do you think there would be a mass exodus from the locker room?
Should Benitez Stay if Liverpool Go Trophyless Again?
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