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I had this great post written up but I decided to enter it into a contest instead, so you guys don't get to read it, not yet anyways. This week, I'd like to focus on England manager, Fabio Capello's judgement. Even though Steven Gerrard was said to be out for at least 7 days, Capello summoned him to training to be looked at by his own staff. It was decided fairly quickly that Gerrard was injured so they sent him back on his 400 mile round trip journey.

Capello has made it clear that in the future, he shall be the one deciding whether players are fit to play for their country or not. Personally, I say the whole idea of friendlies during the regular season is pretty stupid. Most of the time, it's just for experimentation and is just an opportunity to get good players injured.

So the question: Was Capello right in calling up Gerrard to training even though Liverpool had ruled him out for 7-10 days?
Is Fabio Capello Justified in His Treatment of Players Like Gerrard?
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