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I'm excited about anytime that Liverpool play during the week on a day that I'm off, especially against a side such as Spurs who are emerging as a force to be reckoned with. After our humble effort previously at White Hart Lane, Rafa's squad of reserves will have an opportunity to showcase their abilities and prove that they belong on the first team. Tottenham won the cup last season, and will no doubt put everything they have into this match, however there is the Nando factor.

While Stevie G. and Keano take a much earned day off, a recovering Torres will be itching to get back to his goal scoring ways. I don't blame Rafa for not putting more quality on the field because we do indeed have "bigger fish to fry." Although, this would be a nice little trinket to pick up on the way to winning the league.

My official prediction is no prediction. I think our youngsters will either take this opportunity to shine or screw us out of the quarterfinals. After the last London trip, I'm definitely not expecting much. I would live blog this, but I plan on being full of pizza and beer and I don't think I can type well drunk or covered in grease.

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