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20th versus 1st

Will Saturday’s match be a battle of comebacks? Liverpool with their narrow/last-minute/lucky wins (hey 3 points is still…3 points); Spurs, high in confidence after leveling the midweek game with London rival, ARSEnal. Liverpool’s 17 games unbeaten record is possibly what Harry Redknapp is aiming to shatter. Already, he is taunting us.

As much as I am trying to give an unbiased opinion, you have to realize this is after all a Liverpool FC blog, and so it should be another win for the REDS! Here’s why:

(Disclaimer: Pretty random, meaningless stuff ahead)

1) Aaron Lennon runs funny and Gareth Bale wears a hair pin.

2) Darren Bent and Roman Pavyluchenko cannot play off each other. So with our SOLID back 4, I’m sure we can keep a clean sheet, right Reina?

3) We’re not ARSEnal, so David Bentley won’t try that hard to score against us.

4) Heurelho Gomez is actually Paul Robinson, but with a Brazilian passport and a tan.

5) Because whether or not Torres starts, the crowd will still sing his song ("it’s random like")

6) Stats don't lie
Gomez to spill some

7) Keano to score against his old club. Who's with me?

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m super thrilled that we can now string together the words "league", "leaders" and "Liverpool" in a single sentence, and I hope it stays that way for weeks to come or maybe till May 09. And why not, Crouchie gave his blessings : ))

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