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Liverpool v. Portsmouth LIVEBlOG

Peter Crouch makes his return to Anfield with a 'Arry-less Pompey. Nando is still out. Should be a good one. Kick off time is 4pm EST, will start shortly before then.

Current Score
LFC 1 - 0 POR

That's going to be it. Not sure we deserve the 3 points out of this, but we'll take it. A couple more days at least on top of the table.

93'- Keane with a pass from Benayou, rolls one just wide.
91'- Boubadiop with a high shot, but he was offside anyways. Keane will be the last substitute coming on for Gerrard.
90'- 3 extra minutes coming.
89'- Sorry, everything just crashed on me. Nothing much happening anyways. Defoe finally came on.
83'- EEK! Cross in front of goal, just wide. Portsmouth corner.
80'- Hughes coming on for Diara. Defoe must be jacked up.
79'- Reds still applying pressure to the Portsmouth defenders. You have to think we'll squeeze at least another goal out of this.
77'- Crowd starting to wakeup now.
75'- GOAL! Stevie G scores on the penalty kick.
75'- Boubadiop was all over Hyppia. Stevie G. taking it.
74'- James with a bad throw out. Aurelio with a great shot on goal, corner to Liverpool. Penalty for Liverpool!!!
74'- Liverpool corner. Taken by Aurelio. James has no problem grabbing it out of the air.
73'- Gerrard to Benayoun in scoring position, James slides in for the save. LFC throw in.
72'- SUB- Babel coming off for Riera. Yay!
71'- Babel found space, Kuyt didn't look like he was ready for it. Pass back to Alonso and shoots it wide.
69'- Liverpool making lots of passes but haven't found space in front of the goal.
68'- Benayoun almost had an opportunity, but was stripped by the defenders.
67'- Babel with a shot that goes way high.
66'- Babel will continue on.
65'- Portsmouth make a sub. Traore off for Krancar? Bah, no one cares.
64'- Babel takes a high boot to the knee that isn't penalized. Babel on the ground. Surely Riera will have to come on. Babel's been going down like a fat girl on prom night.
63'- SUB- Banayoun coming on for Pennant. Yay!
62'- Everyone's starting to slip all over.
61'- Boubadiop givng Alonso a word of his mind. Alonso says piss off.
59'- Gerrard takes it. Hyppia headed it just wide. Damn thought it was going in. His usually do.
58'- Liverpool corner.
58'- Kuyt tried to dribble a header into the goal. Couldn't dunk it.
55'- Rafa better change either Pennant or Lucas. Preferably Pennant. I hate him on the right side. HATE HIM...sorry.
54'- Really need a win here. Can't stay on top of the table with 1 pt.
53'- Gerrard set up a great string of passes that he eventually ended up on the tail end of. Hooked it for the corner but couldn't hit Kuyt.
51'- Starting to rain at Anfield. There's a shocker.
50'- Looks like Alonso might take it. He can't beat the wall either.
49'- Gerrard fouled on the edge of the penalty area. Maybe he can nail the goal instead of the wall this time on the free kick.
48'- Portsmouth putting a little pressure on goal, but not enough to bother the defenders too much.
45'- No changes made.. guess everyone's okay.

Here comes the 2nd half....

48'- Should be ending soon. And there it is. That's going to be the end of this half. See you in 15.
47'- Will be a LFC corner. Quickly taken, out to Arbeloa and takes a good shot that just went wide. Good idea. Took them by surprise.
46'- Reds pressuring. having trouble breaking down the 10 man defense.
45'- 2 mins will be added.
45'- Coming up on stoppage time. Gerrard with a shot. Kuyt couldn't pick up the scraps.
44'- Anfield is pretty quiet. I think everyone went to sleep.
43'- Not a lot going on right now. James yelling at his defenders.
40'- Gerrard to Kuyt who strikes the side of the net. No chance of that going in with James right there.
39'- Babel back on. Little tweedy birds flying around him and all.
38'- Play resuming.
38'- Babel getting up. Not sure yet if he'll be subbed. Looks like he's walking off to the side.
36'- Ouch.. his head kinda popped back. That's got to smart. He's still on the ground. Hopefully, he'll be okay.
35'- Boubadiop headbutts Babel in the back of the head. Babel goes down.
33'- Freekick by Diara, headed high by Crouchie.
33'- Lucas really needs a haircut. He looks like an ugly woman.
32'- Finally ended with Kuyt sending a shot high.
31'- Portsmouth defenders working overtime. Too much action going on to type.
30'- Going to be Alonso or Gerrard. Looks like Gerrard will take it. Blocked again. Carragher took a long shot that was stopped by a surprised James.
29'- Reds causing problems in the box. Freekick very close.
28'- Pompey becoming much more aggressive. If we can get a good counter, we'll be in good shape.
28'- Portsmouth freekick. Headed away by Hyppia.
26'- Boubadiop with a great header that's taken away by Reina. LFC on the counter, Kuyt's offside.
25'- Portsmouth's attacking strategy seems to be to move the ball forward and then pass it backwards.
23'- Headed wide.
23'- Portsmouth with a free kick. Too far from goal for a good shot. Going to be looking for Crouchie.
21'- Lucas or Alonso really need to come up for support.
20'- Can't help but think that it's only a matter of time before Liverpool score. Reds dominating so far.
19'- Pfft... Nando would have scored.
19'- Babel up with space.. back to Kuyt and they lose it.
18'- Gerrard takes it and smacks the wall. Someone's going to be walking funny.
17'- uh oh!!! Arbeloa fouled. Went down outside the box though for a free kick.
16'- Gerrard forward with no support, crossed it into an empty space. Where were you on that one Kuyt....
15'- heh... Alonso must've pulled something. Took a shot that almost hit the corner flag.
15'- David James looking very old. What's he 50 now?
14'- Hey there's Reina... hadn't seen him until now. Hi Pepe!
13'- Long ball to Babel, kicked away for a throw in.
12'- Goal kick for Portsmouth. Liverpool midfield not letting the ball even trouble the defense yet.
11'- Corner to Liverpool. Aurelio takes it. Headed high by Lucas.
10'- OH so close.. Kuyt came up with a great shot that was barely tipped away by James to the post. I thought that was going in.
9'- Portsmouth passing the ball a lot... having trouble pressing forward.
8'- Gerrard tried to get it to Babel.. should have just blasted it, he's done it before from the top of the box.
7'- My albino looking friend is playing deep and looking to make a run.
6'- Liverpool causing problems in the box for Pompey defenders. Unable to come up with anything though.
5'-Bad pass by Portsmouth, Liverpool come up with a corner
4'- Babel taking on two. Fouls one as he loses possession.
1'- Corner for LFC already. Gerrard taking it. Kuyt attempted a shot that would have made a great field goal.
1'- And we're off! Hyppia's in for Agger today. Lucas is also on and Babel starting as well. Keano, Mascherano both on the bench.

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