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CL: Atletico v. Liverpool LIVEBLOG

Okay kids this is where you'll find our science experiment. Match starts at 1:45 CST. I'll begin coverage shortly before then.

Current Score
ATL 1 - 1 LFC

(Hey it's me, Nadia. Sorry if I'm a lil bit a bit tipsy but am well aware of anything Liverpool does. Go Reds! "Simao" sounds ticklish though lol)

Here comes the 2nd half.

45 - Maradona's son-in-law is substituted in for ex-Liverpool player, Luis Garcia. So it's Forlan and El Kun up front for Atletico.
47 - If only Keane connected...sigh...
49 - Great one-touches from Gerrard, Keane and Benayoun, but the Israeli international was offside when he found the net.
50 - Atletico looked threatening, but was quickly dispossessed by L'Pool, with Arbeloa clearing the ball
52 - Dirk Kuyt seen warming up. An impending Liverpool substitution. Ooo and Forlan passed through our defence, but was 2 yards offside.
53 - And Dirk Kuyt is on the pitch. Keane is out with a suspected groin problem. The horror!
54 - Mascherano clashed with fellow Argentinian Aguero.
55 - Corner kick to Atletico. Cleared by Riera.
56 - Benayoun came close once again, but couldn't finish :( On the other side, Seitarus found the net, but linesman ruled it offside.
57 - Simao hit the post. Reina managed to save the ball. Phew...another close call...and I'm furiously typing lol.
59 - Commentator says "Liverpool might have to work to hold on to their 3 points" damn straight! We need that 2nd goal, dammit!
61 - Ryan Babel in. STEVEN GERARD OUT! WTF!!!! It's too early, Benitez!!! What are you smoking...
63 - Babel to Kuyt. Too slow in finishing. Passed to Benayoun, but lost in translation.
66 - Game being played mostly in midfield and Atletico seems to be getting forward more. Stats showed ball possessions are even.
68 - Alonso took a shot, but missed the goal. Leo Franco got fingertip on it. So corner to Liverpool.
70 - Liverpool looked dangerously close to 2nd goal, but cannot seem to freaking find the net. And Arbeloa just fouled Simao. He needs to be careful, 'cuz he's already on a yellow.
72 - 2nd sub from Atletico - Manacho for R. Garcia.
73 - Kuyt to Babel on the right. Babel took a shot, but Leo Franco caught it.
75 - Substitution - Leiva in Alonso out; Pongolle out Miguel in for Atletico [Benitez definitely has the Chelsea game at the back of his mind]
78 - Kuyt had a chance to score, but slipped, and it's not such a bad thing cuz he's offside anyways.
Vicente's pitch needs some work.
80 - Home team on the attack. Maniche took a shot but thank god Reina did not snooze.
82 - Maniche broke free from our central defence, but once again, offside flag was up.
83 - Allowing the ball to bounce, Forlan passes to Simao, who was unmarked and proceeded to slot in the ball to the corner. Score: 1-1. Liverpool nearly bought Simao.
86 - Reina had to stretch to save Miguel's effort. Corner kick to Atletico. Reina to the rescue again.
88 - Agger to Kuyt. Cross to Babel. He heads the ball, but missed the goal :\
90 - Mascherano gives away a corner...blimey
91 - 3 added minutes!!! C'mon REDS!!! Hang in there! ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!
93 - Raul Garcia fouls Kuyt. Lucas takes the free kick. Nothing materialized :\

Match ends in a draw. Yay to our away goal, and to Keane finding the net in Europe.
I believe we can do better in Anfield. And I would make a sucky commentator.

46'- And that's it for the first half.
46'-Gerrard with a kick that's blocked. That's going to be sore tomorrow.
45'- HAHAHA Maniche booked for simulation. Okay maybe the ref has a pair.
43'-Arbeloa gets a yellow for taking down Simao. He's lucky that's all he got coming in from behind like that.
42'- Corner given up by Liverpool. Saved by Reina off of a bicycle kick.
41'-Forlan comes up with a good shot, but sends it just wide. If it would have gone just inside the post, he would have had Reina beat.
39'-Referee is obviously scared to death of the Atletico fans.
37'-Aw what the hell... Riera gets taken down in the box and is given a yellow card for simulation. Was definitely contact.
36'-Pace has really slowed down, not that it was ever that fast to begin with.
33'-Man down for Atletico... looks like Garcia has a knee problem. Play is stopped. Looks like he's going to be okay, just bumped into Alonso.
30'- Good passing from Liverpool up top. Keane almost released Benayoun for a short run. We might see another goal or two yet...
29'-Bad header by Arbeloa, thankfully Reina grabbed it before the Atletico forwards could grab it.
27'-Corner for Liverpool. Gerrard will take it. Whips it in right to the keeper.
25'-Arbeloa and Mascherano putting up a major fight on defense. Not a good side to go down for Atletico.
23'-Small flick from Atletico that doesn't give Reina any problems. Atletico still attacking. Foul by Garcia on Mascherano.
22'-Gerrard downfield by himself, waiting on support. Great cross to Keane, but he couldn't get a foot on it.
20'-Alonso takes another long kick that sails high. Stop that! Your job is to get fouled and pass.
19'-Riera with a shot, saved, but poorly saved.
19'-Forlan with a high kick that would have decapitated Mascherano had he been closer.
17'-Alonso with a long shot on goal. Not sure why he bothers with those. He doesn't have the cannon that Gerrard does.
15'-Long pass to Keane again in a dangerous position, couldn't quite get to it.
14'- GOAL!!! Gerrard feeds Keane and Keano finishes it off!
12'- Dossena gives Garcia a bit of an elbow and that'll be a free kick. Shot is headed high.
11'-*yawn* not sure who the current teams are but I'm looking forward to seeing Liverpool and Atletico play whenever they decide to show up.
8'- Liverpool unable to break down the Atletico defense and Atletico having similar problems. If this ends up more than 1-1 i'd be very surprised.
6'- Liverpool with an attack on goal, well defended.
4'- Not much happening in these early minutes, lots of passing around in the midfield.
2'- Benayoun trying to make something happen in the box, called for foul
1'- Liverpool leaving Keane up top by himself. No excuse to not be fed the ball.
0'- Liverpool looking sharp in their 3rd kits tonight.

CSD here to kick off the first half which will begin in just a few minutes. Kuyt and Aguero both starting off the bench today. Cold and rainy in Madrid tonight, Liverpool should feel right at home. The previous incidents involving fans at the Marseille match has UEFA labeling this one as "high risk." I think the fans might surprise us all and behave.

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