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Thuh Champyunnnnnnnnnss LFC 3 - 1 PSV Eindhoven

Now that is how you boss a little team from Holland. We commanded this game from the first kick and I was a little disappointed that we only netted the three goals. Torres was a little off for some reason and if he had not been, we surely would have seen a higher scoreline. There was one goal in particular that he should have had that was performed many times last season where the keeper comes out, he still has possession and pings it into the far corner. Unfortunately, he pinged it wide and myself along with the rest of the Kop world looked at him and said, "Have you lost your mojo?" Then again, it had been raining and the pitch was like a giant slip 'n slide. I doubt they have slip 'n slides in Spain.

I don't think he has. I think it just wasn't his day. So whose day was it? Robbie Keane's and Stevie G's. Kuyt netted one in the first 4', but I really thought the keeper should have had that so I'm going to say he used some kind of Dutch voodoo to will it in.

As for Robbie Keane? A brilliant little flick off the inside of his right foot after an awesome service from Torres. So maybe Torres couldn't find the back of the net today, but he did find his strike partner and pay him back for a similar wide delivery that Keane gave to Torres last Saturday against Everton.

It may be a little sentimental, but the man of this match is the captain, Steven Gerrard. He netted his 100th goal for Liverpool after Lucas was nice enough to move out from the wall. It's a good thing he did, because the ball was struck right in the position where he had been standing and only about 3 feet off of the ground, traveling at a speed that broke the sound barrier. Seriously, I heard it. Shook the windows all the way in Texas. I envy those who were at ground zero to witness such a historic moment.

All in all this was a pretty damn good day. Nadia apparently has an LFC crystal ball in her room as she predicted the score perfectly. Wonder if she can tell us how we'll do this weekend against Sheik Robinho and Manchester City? This is the one time I'll say, "Fuck you Noel Gallagher and your stupid Man City. Your new album blows!" I didn't really mean that, "Shock of the Lightning" rocks my world. But seriously, Jo and Robinho? Going down...

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