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Everything appears to be quiet at Anfield, almost too quiet, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to say how much I think our current Liverpool gear sucks. There is a mint to be made in retail sales and we are missing out because all of our stuff is God awful. You know those 3rd kits? You can’t even find them anymore because they’re cool! I will confide something to you, and by you I mean the world, I am the proud owner of a Chelsea cap. I don’t even really like Chelsea, but it was such a cool cap compared to everything else that is put out by clubs that I had to grab it.

Chelsea Hat
The great thing about that hat is you can wear it with anything and it goes. It doesn’t necessarily say, “I love Chelsea!” This is good, because I don’t.
Chelsea Shirt
Chelsea actually has some pretty cool stuff. I even like their away kit. This one though–not so subtle. Actually, taping road flares to your chest would be more subtle than wearing this shirt. The thing that makes it great is that it’s not just yellow; it’s a neon/highway safety yellow. Liverpool’s away kit last year was just regular yellow and it was horrible.
Man U T
Chelsea isn’t the only club with cool gear. It pains me to have to admit that Manchester United have some pretty good stuff as well like the away kit for this season. Unfortunately, I can’t say that EVERYTHING that Man U is trying to sell would be worth the money.
Ronaldo Shirt
If anyone connected to the Liverpool merchandise department happens to be reading this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us something to buy that we would wear in public–other than to a game.

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