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Time for Damage Control

So what do you do when that shaky refinancing package finally comes through and solidifies your ownership for the foreseeable future? Go on BBC 5 and show what a nice guy you are!

Tom Hicks had many positive things to say in his interview with BBC Radio. Among the points in the love fest were the following:

1) Rafa has his full support for the remainder of his contract (2 years) and hopefully after.

2) He has never turned down Benitez's requests for transfer money and will not in the foreseeable future.

3) Will not sell a majority stake to Dubai Investment Capital or anyone else.

I listened to the interview and hope that this is a sincere statement from Hicks and that all the speculative reporting before was rubbish. He said one of the things he's learning is about the English tabloids and that he would like to stay out of them and let his actions speak for themselves. Every time I have read a story about Hicks I've screamed, "JUST SHUT UP!" Maybe he finally heard me.

The only thing that concerns me is that even though the money to begin on the new stadium for the next year and half is in place, there was no mention of a plan to obtain further funds. I don't think he or anyone has a clue where the remainder will come from. Maybe we can steal Becks from the Galaxy and sell lots of shirts.

Well, I'm always the first to admit when I am wrong and I guess I was. I was really expecting Hicks to be gone by now. Maybe that was just wishful thinking by the English media. If his word is genuine, we'll be just fine. And if not--well, Anfield will probably be set on fire.

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