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Fergie Has Old Timer's and Other Tidbits

Sir Alex Ferguson woke up today, after sleeping for three months, and realized that there was another reason to be on the anti-Liverpool bandwagon and quickly hopped aboard. Seriously, Fergie, I know you're getting older, but has your mind gone so much that you didn't realize what was going on? Or maybe, you just found a time to take a shot at the owners and thus the club, when it was safe that the majority of the public would agree with you.

"What happened was a bad piece of business on Liverpool's part, no doubt about that," Ferguson commented.

"That can be very upsetting. You should let a manager to get on with his job."

Gee ya think? The problem is that this has been said over and over. We've heard it, we agree with it, but really don't need to hear it again from the boss at Man U. Stay out of Liverpool's business and get back to finding England's Next Top Model to put in your midfield.

The deal to bring Momo Sissoko to Juventus will more than likely be finished in the next few days. I'll miss Momo (not much), but also support Juventus and hope he will fit better into their program.

John Terry has recently commented that he believes Jamie Carragher is the best defender in the world. This is true... so, please Jamie, for the love of GOD, get back to playing for England!

Fans are apparently preparing a financial boycott of Liverpool FC. I'm assuming this means they will stop purchasing all retail items as well as not attending matches. So much of what has been going on at Anfield has been related back to America and politics. I saw a sign in the last match with Aston Villa that mentioned the Iraq war. The thing that separates America from England is that while we hate the war and the lies that led us there, we still support the troops. It is not the troops' fault that they're there. Please don't take out your owner frustrations on the players. Now, more than ever, we need butts in seats cheering for the home team. We don't need empty stands with the ones that did bother to turn up showcasing anti-owner sentiment. The message we send to the players should be, "We're behind you and expect you to give it your all."

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