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Hava-what? & Water-who?

As Nick mentioned briefly on the Man Utd blog, the Red Devils have opened up their training facilities to visiting Havant & Waterlooville. That is just incredibly nice of Uncle Al to do that.

I had to do some research about this club who are making headlines.
This is one of those feel good stories that movies are made of: the non-league team that is given a chance in a tournament to do well and now gets a glimpse of the big time. So far, they have ousted York City, Notts County, and Swansea City.

This is not a Hollywood script, because of the writer's strike obviously, or else I would say they might actually have a chance. I hope the players at H&W enjoy the experience, because playing at Anfield is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not just anyone gets a chance for a set of cranky world class players to smash them.

I almost want to root for the little guy. I almost think that maybe in this crazy world, they have half a chance. The logic in me, however, says otherwise. Liverpool will seal H&W's FA Cup dreams with a number of goals. The worst part is that it will be another big win that we can't get excited about. Even when we win, we still draw.

See you Saturday.

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