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Aston Villa Post Match Reaction

What a way to start out the day. I was enjoying the game on Setanta Broadband when I was called in early to work. "No problem," I thought. "I can watch the last part in the office. Besides, we’re up 1-0." In the time that it took me to drive to the restaurant and turn the game back on, Villa was up 2-1. Waitresses cowered away as my voice boomed through the building, thankfully out of earshot of customers. "WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT?!?!"

has said that the ongoing problems with speculation have the team unsettled. He must have thought Hicks and Gillett were in the stands because every shot I did happen to see from him ended up in about the 12th row. One thing that was pleasing to see from Gerrard was his passing ability which was much above average.

lfc fans1
lfc fans2
In the Kop, the protests continued.
I'm sure all of the pretty signs are really helping the mindset of the players when they see that while trying to focus on the match.

Out of 19 shots for Liverpool, only 7 were on goal compared to Villa’s 4 shots with 3 on goal.


Yossi Benayoun (19)
Peter Crouch (88)

Marlon Harewood (69)
Fabio Aurelio (og 72)

Yellow Cards

Alvaro Arbeloa (69)
Javier Mascherano (71)

Martin Laursen (74)
Ashley Young (88)


Skrtel for Arbeloa (70)
Babel for Kewell (74)
Crouch for Banayoun (80)

Knight for Carew (90)
Harewood for Gardner (66)

And so we remain the team that is hard to beat, but still can’t close the deal and fall a bit closer to mediocrity. Hello 5th position.

Final Score: 2-2

Not so much related to the game, but this was an interesting read. A Q&A about Liverpool refinance plans.

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