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Hicks Sends Smoke Signals of Intentions

It is only a matter of time before Hicks cashes out. I am not sure about Gillett, but all signs are pointing towards Hicks selling out to Dubai Investment Capital in the very near future. As the old saying goes, "where there’s smoke, there’s fire," and at the moment, there is a hell of a lot of smoke.

Tom HicksTom Hicks is also the owner of the Texas Rangers (MLB) and Dallas Stars (NHL). The Rangers were horrible when he bought them and are still horrible. The Stars were awful as well, but went on to win the Stanley Cup. Liverpool FC is not horrible. They are one of the big four. In recent memory, they have won the Champions League. Any major changes to the way a club, that is not broken, operates is likely to make waves. Hicks didn’t have a clue about the kind of backlash he could face from fans and it seems to be grating on him. He is a businessman and it is difficult to run a business when the customers hate you. Even after serving up his daily dose of denial that he has any intention of selling, turning a profit and getting rid of a sizable amount of stress just might be what he is intending to do.

Another puff of smoke that tells me Hicks, if not Gillett as well, will soon be out is the calmness shown by Benitez as of late. In his interviews, he has been very focused on what the club needs to do to improve in the remainder of the season. It’s sort of like when mom and dad are fighting, the son knows he’s safe from being in trouble.

I hope and believe that the owner issue will be resolved soon because dragging it out over the rest of the season is not going to bring anything positive to the club.

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