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Pennant for England? Maybe not...

Yes. Hello Again. Well, Ed and I have decided to alternate posts to every other day so I don't trip over him on the stairs.

And I'd like to comment first on his post from earlier today. Well-written, admittedly, but I sorta disagree with what he was saying. Pennant was only decent against Derby because it was Derby. Sami Hyypia could have hit quality crosses from the left-wing against that defence. And for England? After one game on the left? Granted - he should be in the squad, and his pace makes him a valuable asset for the Reds – as well as his vast improvement this season, but his crossing isn't consistently good enough from the wing to be better than the likes of Shaun Wright-Phillips. He may be fast, but isn't as fast as SWP or Aaron Lennon.

Frankly, I wouldn't have him in my Liverpool team. Possibly against the likes of Derby, whose defenders' legs have seen many a better day, but for teams where brains are required rather than pace, Benayoun or Babel are both much better choices (Babel even has pace too). England's Left Side? Joe Cole. He's brilliant, never mind his lack of playing time thus far. No other questions. And as backup? Stuart Downing. Yes, he's naturally left-sided. Yes, he's the teacher's pet. But yes, he is rather good actually.

But interesting points though. This is what the site is all about – debate and comment. I rather like Babel and Benayoun myself, mixed with a little of Stevie G and the Monster Masch – sounds like a rather nice midfield cocktail to me. But Rafa doesn't like Benayoun too much, even if he was immense against Toulouse last week. Oh, and we've got Sissoko, Alonso, Kewell and Pennant too. I don't seriously believe that Leiva or Leto will be regularly used this season (despite the €15 million outlay), but both look like crackers for the future.

Let us not get ahead of ourselves though. Top of the league. Fantastic, but every encounter should be treated as tricky. In the next two months, we have Portsmouth away (great atmosphere at Fratton), Everton away (tense derby), Blackburn away (always difficult at Ewood Park) Tottenham at home (good side, but possibly the easiest cos of Anfield and their lack of form) and Arsenal at home (...its Arsenal). If we pick up thirteen points (/15) from the five, as well as full points from the other encounters (Fulham, Wigan, Birmingham) – thats championship form. I will certainly have no doubts we can do it, even if now it feels to me that something has to pop up and ruin it. Like possibly Steven Gerrard's toe falling off tomorrow.

Interestingly, Benayoun is captaining Israel tomorrow evening. He gives us his own view on the Gerrard jab, deeming him the world's best player and says that the Israelis have little fear in going to Wembley.

Carra, oh how we love you. He says that he is desperate for the Reds to break their title duck. As are all of us.

More good news for the Reds. Stevie Finnan is set to be ruled out because of injury for Ireland's games this week. Now he can stay in Liverpool for recuperation and should now be able to get fit and ready for Portsmouth.

"You're ugly, but you'll win in the end". Just like that annoying kid in your Maths class, well thats how I've paraphrased Bernd Schuster's statement. Bit early to be worried about us, is it not?

See ya on Saturday.

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