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El Zahr the Magnificent | Arbeloa starts in the middle

Just watched the highlights from the reserves' game against Wigan and El Zahr did the most outrageous piece of skill.

From a standing start, and with the defender about a yard and a half away, he did a great impression of the famous Ibrahimovic/Ronaldinho "elastico" where you push the ball away to your right with your right foot and then in the same movement, snap it back to your left with the inside of your right foot. Not only this, but he put it through his opponent's legs! Awesome.

Interesting to see that Arbeloa is starting tonight - I still don't think he's strong enough to handle playing in the middle but it'll be interesting to see how he copes against Leroy "Sex Tape" Lita tonight.

The rest of the team -

Itandje - makes his 1st team debut

Aurelio - great to see our little brazilian back. I'm convinced he'll score a load from free kicks this year - if he can stay fit
Arbeloa - interesting to see him play in the middle although I did think against Birmingham he was going to play as part of a three at the back

Leto - haven't seen too much of him but reports are good
Sissoko - hopefully he can take his time on the ball tonight
Lucas - he's looked great in the highlights I've seen
Benayoun - would've been a useful addition on Saturday but obviously couldn't due to religious reasons (Yom Kippur)

Torres - hopefully the start of a few matches in a row when he can dominate and terrorise defenders

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