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Porto-Liverpool thoughts

This Ricardo Quaresma guy seems pretty tidy. Wonder how we'd be playing if Rafa had stumped up a few extras euros...

The Official Club Web site's eSeason ticket is definitely worth the money. Go support your club and sign up now - you'll pay about 30 seconds of Stevie G's salary for the right to watch extended, high quality highlights and listen to games live from wherever you are in the world.

We seem to be struggling against their wingers.

Pennant just got sent off. Let's face it, he's a talented boy but he has to grow up and mature. Quickly. When he's good he's really good but when his head goes, he's just a petulant, spoiled little kid.

Haven't heard Gerrard doing too much so far. Ditto Torres.

Still no goals conceded from open-play but after only conceding one penalty all of last season, we've conceded something like four from eight games already this season.

Don't think we had a man sent off either last season...

Nice to see Aurelio get a run out and I was very relieved to see El Nino come off early as well. Hopefully F9T will be starting on Saturday, at least for the good of my Fantasy Team...

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