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Interesting quote re Gerrard/Lampard debate

I know how much Liverpool and Chelsea fans love to battle it out over which seemingly super-human central midfielder is better than the other seemingly super-human central midfielder and I'm no different.

Apropos of that, here's an interesting quote from The Grauniad's Barry Glendenning's minute-by-minute report of the England Russia match earlier today that should add more fuel to the fire:

Good news for Mark Laporte (half-time) - I now have an opinion on whether Gareth Barry sahould keep his place in the England team. He's been excellent tonight and has formed an excellent partnership with Steven Gerrard. The notion of putting a long past-his-prime Frank Lampard back in ahead of him is ridiculous.

Is Frank Lampard (Jnr) living off of past glories?

Full article on Guardian Unlimited here.

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