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Your top-up of Reds News

A top up with the top 5 Reds stories

Pako Ayestaran's career is in limbo. Apparently he's on gardening leave as the Reds try to sort out a settlement.

Fabio Aurelio made a much earlier than expected return to reserve action against Crewe yesterday. According to this site, his return to the first team is imminent.

And apparently, the news about Foggia was all lies. Well, thats what Cagliari say, but rather embarrassingly for almost all of the English sites that have reported this, they don't actually own him. Lazio do. He's on loan in Sardinia.

And, no surprises whatsoever. Steven Gerrard is apparently England's inspiration. Newsflash McLaren

And apparently Gerrard is just as desperate. Time for a nice wee England love-in tonight, me thinks. Hopefully, the Russians don't go too easy on them.

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