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It looks as if Carson may get his wish & a Cicinho update

* So Scott Carson, who has cried and complained about going elsewhere on loan, if anything else, so he can make his case for the England Senior National Team, may get his wish. It looks as if Villa will be the lucky benefactors, just hours after being outbid by Sunderland on Craig Gordon. First off, if Steve McClown is too stupid to realize that Carson is ten times the keeper that Paul Robinson is, than the 21-year-old might not have a chance anyhow. And honestly, at this point, I don't give a rat's ass, basically because both David Martin and Nikolay Mihaylov have both been impressive in the preseason.

* And it looks like Roma fans won't have to whine about Cicinho coming to us, because as it turns out, he prefers the weather in Italy over the competitiveness of the EPL. Sounds like a perfect fit for the prima donnas. So please, stop being such little bitches. We have cups to win, you have Totti's hair to praise.

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