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Liverpool 1, Feyenoord 1

I guess I should write something about this match, but to be honest I was watching with beer in hand and mates at my side, so I wasn't concentrating as much as I would've liked.

First, I loved how tough we were and how we fought back against the Feyenoord thug contingency. Harry Kewell was especially annoyed by their antics, so much so that Rafa had to take him out before he ended up killing one of them. You could say they were being a bit unnecessarily physical. It was pretty obvious that they wanted to win the match more than we did, but somehow we came away with the draw.

We probably should have actually won though, since Kuyt scored a goal which was not given because the ref didn't think it crossed the line. Replays later showed that it actually did, hitting the crossbar and deflecting down towards the ground and bouncing behind the line. It was extremely quick, so it was an understandable mistake.

I can't really say anyone had a bad match. We looked pretty solid and it was nice to see Mascherano out there. I was sort of disappointed that Leto and Leiva were left off the bench, but I guess Rafa wanted to see more of our first teamers before the season starts. Babel looked great as well.

If you want to read a more in-depth review of the match, especially Stevie-G's man-of-the-match performance and how Rafa is going to use him more in the middle this year, go here.

Well, we went undefeated in the preseason, which is pretty unusual. I'm going to probably write a review of the preseason one day this week. Until then, cheers.

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