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The six biggest surprises so far as the transfer window closes

6. Crouch wasn't sold
Okay, so this isn't much of a surprise as Rafa has said again and again that Crouchy isn't going anywhere. I guess this is more wishful thinking and hoping on my part more than anything else. Oh well, looks like ole lank stank is here to stay, at least until January.

5. We didn't sign another keeper
Surely six or eight or who knows how many Rafa has in his back pocket isn't enough for him.

4. Gabriel Paletta was sold
Though happy it happened, I was still a bit surprised when it did. I really thought Rafa was going to hold on to Paletta as long as possible, hoping that the Argentinian would wake up one morning and all of sudden be a Premiership quality centre back.

3. We signed a French midfielder
First, this is surprising because Rafa is not known for his affinity for French players. Sure, Momo is technically French, but he plays internationally for Mali and has learned the ropes under Rafa in Spain and now England. Second, I'm going to guess that Damien Plessis, the kid we signed, didn't speak with Anthony Le Tallec nor Charles Itandje nor even Djibril Cisse beforehand. Which brings me to my next one.

2. Anthony Le Tallec is still a Liverpool player... for now
There's still a little over three hours remaining and he can always be sent out on 'emergency' loan at anytime, but as of this moment, he's still a Liverpool player collecting dust in the reserves. Maybe Plessis was brought in to keep him company. Wouldn't it be ironic that one of our many, many heroes of the 2005 Champions League run would be needed once again to suit up for us this season? He's without a doubt the most likely to be gone by the time Big Ben (doesn't) strikes midnight.

1. We didn't sign a defender
The only thing I can take comfort in is the fact that we have players like Xabi and Mascherano who are intelligent enough football wise and disciplined enough to possibly play centre back and also we'll have Carragher back after the international break and Aurelio returning not too long after that, but it would have been nice to sign even more insurance.

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