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Anfield Banter: It's Toulouse, God is the new Beckham but God's got style, Bells to start fight club, & Hobbs to the rescue

* Well, we drew Toulouse for the third round of Champions' League qualifying. Though some are calling them 'tricky', Sam here at the Offside doesn't really think much of them. With admittedly not knowing much about their squad, I'm going to guess they are going to play ten behind the ball and hope for a lucky goal or try to battle it out on penalties on the second leg. Why the hell do we get such early round difficult draws in Cups? Last year we drew Maccabi Haifa in the CL, and Arsenal in both the FA and League Cups. So ridiculous. Dates of the games have not been announced yet, but the first leg will be played either August 14th or 15th with part deuce being on the 28th or 29th.

* Robbie Fowler is the David Beckham of Wales. Apparently Cardiff City, God's new team, has experienced a 40 percent increase in season ticket sales and have sold 6000 plus Fowler jerseys. Considering the population of Wales, roughly 3 million, to the population of the US, roughly 300 million, give or take a few illegal immigrants, that's actually a better percentage on kits sold. Then again, no true fan of football would ever mistake the guy who bangs Victoria Beckham to the guy who is considered one of the greatest goal scorers the Premiership has ever seen. Fowler has also decided to remain living in Liverpool and fly by helicopter to Cardiff on training and match days. And the angels descended upon us...

* Yeah, I know, Bells no long plays for us, but the title of this article and the picture along with it gave me a good laugh. Bellamy looks like such a schmuck.

* Finally, the kids continue to impress with Jack Hobbs netting an injury time goal to lead the reserves past Shakhtar Donetsk 1-0 and Paul Anderson adding another netter to his preseason tally for the Swans earlier this week. The reserves play Ajax Amsterdam on Sunday in the final of the Brucon Talents Cup.

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