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Anfield Banter: Luis Garcia = class, LFC = class, Benayoun = er, impatience, Ian Rush bites back at Chelsea, & Kuyt almost does Man U a favor

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* Luis Garcia has written a letter to the fans thanking them for their support.

* Liverpool may leave 96 empty seats in their new stadium as a memorial to the fans who died at Hillsborough.

* Did Yossi Benayoun just wake up yesterday and realize he was no longer playing for West Ham? Apparently so.

* Ian Rush calls for players, especially Chelsea players, to stop bitching and moaning to the ref every five seconds. We can only dream.

* Dirk Kuyt collided with Man U keep Edwin Van Der Sar in preparations for Holland's friendly with Switzerland. Though no word as to whether Kuyt was okay, Van Der Sar required medical attention and it is unclear whether or not he'll be available for the match. Cheers, gotta run.