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Anfield Banter: Sebastien Leto to debut, Turns out Smicer's a wino, Berger talks junk, & Some Hyypia-la

* According to Chris Bascombe, probably the most formidable writer of LFC, Sebastian Leto could make his first team debut as early as tomorrow. With his passport issues apparently solved, the Argentinian left winger is ready to go. Also in the article, Bascombe says Benitez will have a full squad to choose from for the first time this summer. I hope that means we get to see a little Monster Masche.

* Former Liverpool legend, Vladimir Smicer, is set to make his debut for his new club, Slavia Praha, this Sunday. The 2005 Champions' League final hero apparently had to move some 500+ bottles of wine from France to Prague after he signed from Bordeaux. An oft-injured player wherever he played, I guess Vladi had a lot of time to kill.

* Patrick Berger wants some come opening day. The originator of the long hair-headband look feels as if he's in the best form of his life at Villa and has earned praise from his skipper, Martin O'Neill. Why don't you just shut your yapper and ski-daddle your ass back to Prague, like your fellow Czech, Smicer, old man!

* Hyypia apparently could have left for Fulham this offseason, if he so desired. Well, I for one, am glad he didn't. Just the thought of having Gabriel Paletta as our back-up centre back scares the crap out of me. Cheers!

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