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Chelsea wanks off the ref, get draw

In what was probably one of the worse refereed matches ever, Liverpool loses two points because the ref is a ponce. That wasn't a penalty, if anything it was a foul on Malouda, or Daffy Duck, or whomever. He wasn't even playing the ball. Obi Mikel tries to stomp on Stevie-G hands, gets away with it. Malouda gets beat and tries to clip Gerrard and gets away with it. Lampard stomps on Xabi's foot and only gets a yellow? Michael Essien gets two yellows and doesn't get sent off? Styles clearly showed the card to him, no one else is around, yet doesn't write it down. Rubbish.

I'm not even angry, in fact, I'm bemused. I expect no less from Mickey Mouse FC, ruthless as their racist Godfather Walt, kind of ironic with their Headhunters past. We actually earned our goal, but then again we're the class club. Anyhow, I guess they could call this a moral victory if they knew what the word meant. Anyhow, congrats Chelsea, you finally made history today outside of those battles with the Bushwhackers.

I don't know if I'll bother watching this match again, it was such a laugh, I don't want to waste my time. Anyhow, Sunderland next. Cheers.

I just wanted to add that Stevie-G was far and away the best the player on the pitch, even though Pennant put in a solid performance which left me baffled as to why Babel was brought on for him when Riise was clearly having an off day. Also, Xabi was not up for it and Mascherano would have done wonders, in my opinion. Gerrard's performance though, on a fractured toe, is what makes him a legend at the ripe old age of 27. His effort alone is why that penalty was complete rubbish.

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