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Liverpool 1, Toulouse 0

I didn't get to see the whole match, so I'm going to put myself to sleep watching it later tonight. It was dreadfully boring from what I saw with the only highlight being Voronin's nasty strike. Liverpool will probably get blamed for it's unwatchability, but in truth it was the case of a clearly inferior squad, Toulouse FC, slowing down the game, playing everyone behind the ball, and being overtly and unnecessarily physical. We deserved to win this match just on those points alone and thankfully we did. We would have completely destroyed them had they tried to actually open it up and even then I doubt they would have had a chance at scoring. They were never a threat and were more annoying than anything.

I'll definitely do a more in-depth review later, but as for now, Mascherano looked the Man of the Match, and Crouch looked pretty crappy. Shocking revelation there. I was quite surprised no one got injured as Toulouse's aggressive play took quite a few of our players down including Gerrard, Babel, and Benayoun scares. I really thought Babel got his leg broke a la Cisse, but he played on, while Gerrard and Benayoun were taken off early, hopefully as precautionary measures for the upcoming Chelsea match.

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