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Anfield Banter: Musical keeps & Leto deal complete

Nothing much really going on, which is only making the excruciatingly painful wait for the season to start even more excruciating. T-minus 22 hours until take-off.

In a not-so-big surprise, we've sent Scott Carson out on loan to Aston Villa for somewhere around £2m apparently with an option for them to buy him at the end of next season for an additional £10.5m. Rafa has stated on numerous occasions that Carson is not for sale and at a total of around £13m, I doubt Villa will be looking to keep him.

To replace our resident super model and future England numero uno, we've plucked Charles Itandje from Lens of Ligue 1. All I know about him is that he has funky little dance for penalties. If I can find a video I'll post it, but my searches have come up futile to this point. I'm still not sure we needed him, but it's always nice to have five or six decent keeps around. Expect him to get a start as early as next week in the first leg of our Champions' League qualifying ties with Toulouse.

Finally, Sebastian Leto is now an official member of the club, though has yet to gain international clearance and therefore will be ineligible to play in any official matches until then. I personally think he's a very promising prospect and our future left winger. The fact that this deal has been officially completed and that he's been given a number, 33, makes me believe that it'll only be a matter of time before he's approved. Cheers.

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