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Carra's no 'bottler'

Earlier today on talksport, a radio muppet named Adrian Durham decided to have a go at Jamie Carragher and the latter's decision to no longer play for the England squad. Citing his fanaticism for the English side, Durham couldn't understand why any twenty-something wouldn't be honored to have the chance to play for his national team. Just in case you didn't know, Carra is 29. Yeah, twenty-something my arse.

Fortunately though, Carra was listening and decided to call in to defend himself. What ensued was some classic scouser talk that I couldn't understand even after listening to it twice. If you want to listen yourself, you can download it here. Thankfully someone wrote an article about it that includes plenty of translated quotes and explanations.

Basically, Carra starts off by telling Durham if he'd like to come down to Anfield and tell him that to his face, than bring it. He then goes on to say how he's been consistently played in the wrong spot for England, how all his competition at his natural spot of centre back is younger than him, and that if he can't get a spot now, how will he be able to get one at 32 when the 2010 World Cup rolls around? In other words, Carra spews sense and this moron either just doesn't get it or he's trying to stir the donkey balls.

Carra's basically doing the same thing Scholes did, but Scholes didn't get this kind of flack. There are few players today of Carragher's class and humility, exemplified by his respect for all the players ahead of him in England's centre back pecking order. I guess this was just another Liverpool hater who doesn't have anything better to do than slag LFC because his own club is crap. Oh, and Durham supports Peterborough United, so I'm probably spot on.

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