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Anfield Banter: Robbie Fowler, Ryan Babel, Fernando Torres, & Jamie Carragher

* Leicester City has joined Cardiff, Celtic, and Rangers in the official pursuit of the services of God. Though Fowler's agent has said that eight total clubs have made offers, the SPL clubs are the least likely destinations since they already have ample depth at the striker position. I'm curious to who the other four clubs are.

* We have apparently upped our offer for Ryan Babel to £10m. Not sure if that's our final offer, but I wouldn't be surprised. At this point, I wouldn't be shocked to learn that we've inquired about Mario Regueiro or even Juan Arago, though I have a feeling we'll have either Sabrosa or Quaresma inked in the next week or so.

* We have Chucky Fabregas to thank for El Nino's arrival. Thanks, Chucky, now go to Real Madrid please.

* Finally, it's all but official, Carragher has 'retired' from International play. The last straw was when Ledley King was chosen over him for the Euro qualifier with Estonia. Carra is much more humble about the situation than I would be, but ultimately, I'm glad he's come to this conclusion. It's down-right ridiculous that Steve McClown thinks he'll be able to persuade Carra from not quitting when doing so all but proves he doesn't listen to him or anyone else with some sense for that matter.

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