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International Wrap-up: Kewell, Gonzo, Mascherano, & Insua

* Well, I woke up really early this morning to watch my King Harry and the Socceroos take on Oman in their opening Asia Cup match and what do I have to show for it? A last second goal to draw from the one player I never, ever want to score. Not for Australia and certainly not for Everton. If you haven't guessed of whom I'm talking about, his name is Tim Cahill, and he's a dirty bastard. Anyhow, Kewell's performance was less than memorable as he did all of nothing and blew every chance he had on goal and made some crap crosses. Thankfully the two other squads in their group, Iraq and Thailand, also drew yesterday, leaving everyone with a realistic shot at advancing from the group stage. The next match for the Aussies is Friday, when they have a crucial tie with Iraq.

* If you missed it last night, Chile and Gonzo were, uh, ceremoniously eliminated from Copa by Brazil, 6 to 1. Gonzales had a typical Gonzo match as he blew past everyone on the left just to do crap all. He did have a shot rattle the cross bar though. He ended the campaign without a goal to show and I guess he'll now either return to Liverpool or join Real Betis? I have no clue what his future holds.

* Meanwhile, scoring machine, Javier Mascherano, and his Argentinian teammates, take on Peru in their first match of the elimination stages of Copa. I'm pretty sure Masche will start after coming off the bench to win the match against Paraguay on Thursday.

* Finally, our Argentinian wonderboy, Emiliano Insua, has played every minute at left back for his country in the U20 World Cup and will more than likely continue to do so when they play Poland in the quarterfinals on Thursday. I've actually watched all of their matches and have been impressed with Insua, more so when he started those two EPL matches for us last year. He seems to have developed a more disciplined approach, something he was obviously lacking for us. He's young, it goes with the territory.

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