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Tevez will fit in nicely at Man boo hoo

It looks like Tevez' peeps are trying to drag Liverpool and the Masche loan deal into the mix with West Ham, Man U, and the EPL brass all apparently having the communication capabilities between the three of them that makes the smoke signal set-up between the FBI and the CIA look like a happily married couple of fifty years. They fail to understand that Liverpool were the ones who brought the shady dealings between West Ham and Joorabchian to the EPL's attention and also that Masche was being made miserable by Alan Pardew not wanting to play him. Tevez is the one who saved West Ham's season, not Masche. There's a big difference in bringing a player over who is a superstar compared to one who, though his unbelievable talents are appreciated by those who love this game, for the most part, is, well, unappreciated. I personally don't give a rat's ass where Tevez ends up, would I want him on my team? Hell to the yeah, but we'll be just fine without him. I don't see him helping Man U get any better since he's essentially the Argentina version of Wayne Rooney, but that's my small, insignificant, honest opinion. It's just moronic to bring up Liverpool's Masche deal and cry double standard, when it's obviously not the case.

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