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Carra likely to retire from International play?

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Rumor has it that Jamie Carragher is a bit tired about being misused and abused by his country's national squad and he's about ready to call it quits. If he does, thank God, and hopefully he'll get Stevie-G to join him and Jermaine Pennant to stop whining about his exclusion from the team. The Three Lions are an embarrassment with Steve McClown running the show. They'll be lucky to qualify for Euro 08 and I for one, don't care if they do or not. I'm so tired of the 'good ole boys club' FA and their politics and egos. More on this, Craig Bellamy's transfer to West Ham, and the Wrexham friendly, tomorrow. Right now though, I'm going to go watch Gonzo and Chile play Brazil in the Copa. Cheers!