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Anfield Banter: Bells & kids (hmmm... that's a scary thought)

* It looks as if West Ham will be getting Craig Bellamy for the very generous price of £9m. We were hoping to just renege on what we paid for him, but it appears we'll make a little profit. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'd rather keep Bells and sell Crouchy instead, but I can at least understand Rafa's train of thought in wanting to keep El Giraffe for his obvious benefits and alternative potential contributions. Anyhow, it's going to be sad to see Bells go. Though most LFC fans are probably glad he's nearly gone, they need to remember, without Craig B our Champion's League run last year would have probably ended at Camp Nou.

* We've added two more youngsters to the LFC youth army and this time they're actually 'locals', well, at least they're from England. 18-year-old Stockport County winger Ryan Crowther and 14-year-old Stockport Centre of Excellence keeper Ben Robinson will battle it out with kids all over the world to win future trophies for the club. Welcome aboard, lads, and good luck. Hopefully Ben's not related to Paul.

* Speaking of kids, the Reserves squad will no longer be playing their home ties at Wrexham Racehorse Ground. Now they'll be sharing Halliwell Jones Stadium in Warrington with rugby side, the Warrington Wolves. I don't see how the groundsman, Mel Jones, can be happy about this. All that work to make the pitch pretty only attracted more wear and tear and earlier wake up times. Poor guy. Anyhow, the comment on that article is brilliant.

* Finally, in the former players front, Zenden looks like he'll be joining Marseille instead of PSV, Dudek is in talks with Recreativo Huelvo, Real Madrid, Bolton, and a few local pub teams, and Steve Nicol will be heading the MLS XI against Celtic on July 19th. The only thing good about the latter is that the MLS players will take the game much more seriously than the Bhoys.

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