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The trouble with Harry

HarryCoolAfter reading this article, I have a new found respect for Harry Kewell. Turns out his injury problems stemming from last year's World Cup was due to blisters. Apparently one of the blisters got infected and the germs traveled through his bloodstream, aggravating a hairline fracture in his left foot and causing tendinitis to flare up. I don't really understand how one gets blisters wearing socks, but Kewell apparently isn't the only one with this problem, as Tim Cahill and Mile Sterjovski have also suffered during the Socceroos warm ups to the Asian Cup which starts Saturday.

Australia coach Graham Arnold added: "People don't realise how much pain Harry went through to play in last year's World Cup." After starring in the Japan, Brazil, and Croatia matches, King Harry was unable to play in the first round of elimination ties against Italy, which the eventual champs won on a very generous last minute penalty.

It worries me that he is having blister issues again, but hopefully this time he'll learn from his mistakes and not allow it to escalate into a career threatening injury. If any sort of infectious injury occurs again, it could spell then end of his days in a Liverpool kit. Australia is attempting to prevent any more blister-related injuries by ordering Dual-Layer Anti-Blister Socks. For our's and Harry's sake, let's hope it gets the job done.

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