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Fernando Torres, Fernando Torres, and more Fernando Torres


Okay, so I'm a little excited now. Not as excited as I would be if it was Carlos Tevez, but marginally aroused. Settle down, ladies. El Nino should write a book on how to join a club with class, cause the kid is making all the right moves. Rafa knows what he's doing when he says he'll only sign players who want to come to Liverpool and Torres was apparently 'passionate' about a Reds switch. Now that gets me excited. Furthermore, Torres is whispering sweet nothings in our ears when he says things like 'Liverpool are the best club in Europe' and 'I couldn't say no to Liverpool.' God love him. To make this lovefest of rainbows and hugs even sweeter, Rafa says that Torres turned down more money from other clubs to come our way. I swear, if the kid was in front of me right now, I'd give him a big ole kiss.

How can you hate on our new number nine? Robbie who? I keed, I keed. I'm sure I'll have little positive to say about Torres when the season starts. I'm sure you'll read 'we gave up Luisy for this?' at least a couple of times. For now though, I can dream about Stevie G hoisting the EPL cup at the end of next season and having our elf-loving wonder boy be the toast of the football world. Bask while you can kid, cause the honeymoon could end as early as Saturday when we play our first pre-season match against Wrexham.

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