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We still need another defender.

We received some promising words from Rick Parry today, apparently we're not done spending. That's a relief because we still need to strengthen our back line and picking up a player at just about any spot there will do wonders for us. Right now, we only have six quality backs with Hyypia as our main centre back back-up and Arbeloa backing up everyone. One injury and we're screwed, well, until Fábio Aurélio gets fit.

I'm still hoping we give up on Heinze, though it's not looking like it. Apparently Leighton Baines is either going to Everton, Manchester United, or is staying put at Wigan. He was a childhood Everton fan, so I'm not sure what his feelings are towards Liverpool, but I'm going to guess they aren't positive. It looks as if Giorgio Chiellini is more likely to head to Sven and Man City, if he leaves Juventus. So if we don't get Heinze, which I am still not thrilled about, than what other options do we have?

Are either Threlfall, Darby, or Paletta ready to be first team regulars? I don't think so, in fact, I think it's time we let Paletta go. Threlfall and Darby both seem promising, but need some polishing. Either or both of them could be ready as early as next year.

I don't know really who else is available. I'm sure plenty of players are, if we are willing to over pay for them, but that's not Rafa's style. If I could have any defender in the world right I'd probably take John Terry, but I know that's just not realistic. Ricardo Carvalho would be another dream pick-up, but also just a dream.

Unless some unforeseen player comes out of the woodwork, I think ultimately, we're just going to have to hope that we don't have any serious injuries and when Aurelio returns, he's ready to play.

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