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They took our Luisy away

Okay, it happened. I cried. Again. Hell, I'm barely holding back the tears now. I had no clue that I had so much love for Luis Garcia. Hell, I don't think I ever wrote nor said anything positive about one of his performances even when he scored a brilliant goal. He will always be remembered and beloved for the goals against Chelsea and Juventus. He'll even be adored for turning over the ball a million times. I remember when he was getting flack for being so turnover prone just this past season and he came out and set everyone straight by saying he was fully aware of his faults but he's trying to make the harder pass, going for the 'big play'.

I guess I have a new favorite team in Spain and I can't wait to get my Atletico Madrid Luis Garcia jersey. Be thankful Los Indios, you've got a player that would do everything short of die for that kit.

Adios Luis, you'll be missed.

Torres will never fill those shoes.

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