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Harry is Kewell with me, 'Hot' Scott Carson, & Harry the flatterer

* King Harry has admitted that he gave up holiday time to join the Reds early in Hong Kong. It was probably a good idea if he wanted to see the pitch much this year anyhow, but I don't think there's a happier person on Robbie Fowler's green earth than me. I really want Kewell to do well this season and come back for a couple of more years after that.

* Our number two and part-time supermodel, Scott Carson, is still being pursued by Aston Villa and Sunderland. Keano just won't give up on him. Honestly, as glad as I am to have such a great back-up to Reina, I've been quite impressed with Mihaylov and David Martin so far. The problem is, last time I heard, Mihaylov is having UK work permit issues and Martin is almost there, but another year under his belt in the reserves or even out on loan would probably do him wonders.

* Finally, with our match against Portsmouth for the much coveted Barclays Asian Trophy less than two hours away, Pompey boss Harry Redknapp has taken the opportunity to whisper sweet nothings in our ears. Oh Harry, you sly dog, you.

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