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Anfield Banter: The missing stars, We not be clubbin', New stadium unveiled, Hammill hurt, & Mourinho's POV

* Well, it turns out that Fernando Torres and Ryan Babel were ineligible to play against South China FC due to 'red tape' concerning their international clearance. I don't get it, they were allowed in the country, but they couldn't play a football match? I would understand if they were forced to return to where they flew in from, but why let them in? Makes no sense. Meanwhile it looks as if Stevie-G is just suffering from a 'stomach ailment'. I'll spare myself and everyone the details by not looking into that any further. What's funny is how the Asian press is trying to make it sound like our 3-1 win over SCFC was a tough victory. They scored on an amazing free kick, but outside of that they were not a threat and were lucky the finally tally wasn't worse.

* To make sure the boys are focused and well rested, Rafa has issued a ban on nightclubs. Rafa seems dead serious about winning the tournament, which is great, but I still don't see why he fielded such a strong squad in the opening match. That article also mentions David Beckham and the Spice Boys, way to go.

* The new stadium has been revealed and Stevie-G is blown away. According to Rick Parry, the 'futuristic' stadium should be complete by 2010. For more and better pics go here.

* Apparently Adam Hammill was hurt in Southampton's match versus Bournemouth last Saturday and was unable to play yesterday in the Saints' 4-2 victory over Exeter. The calf injury does not seem too serious as he could return as early as this Saturday when his club plays a friendly against Lazio.

* Jose Mourinho seems to always have time to talk about Liverpool. This time he says their is more pressure on Rafa and the boys to win the title next season than on any other club. Blah, blah, blah, Jose. He does say though that we have a 'good squad'. What a sweetheart.

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