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Liverpool 3, South China 1: the goals

I love how all the Liverpool players, especially Momo, get the heck out of dodge as Riise is about to connect. If I was a South China player I would have been scared shitless.

The penalty: the call and the execution.

The nasty free kick South China goal by Haiqiang. Unsaveable? Well, I think Carson was caught out of position, but it was an amazing strike. It looks as if it's going to go across the box to the left and then takes a deadly turn and dip into the net. Do all Chinese players have a million names like Spanish footballers?

A great all round team goal showcasing Agger's, Riise's, and Kuyt's abilities. Kuyt looks a hell of lot more comfortable as our striker in the hole. It looks like after the goal, Agger is telling Kuyt to 'pound it' himself next time.

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