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Brian Hammer, Private Eye: The case of the lanky left-winger

There I was, minding my own business. The light from the flashing neon sign outside my office window and the graveyard of cigarette butts in ash trays scattered throughout the room were just annoying reminders that I had nothing better to do. Then there was a knock.
"Yeah." I replied as I blew one last cloud of smoke and added another nail to my cancer coffin.
The door opened and in she walked. Her glistening amber hair and shiny blue eyes told me she was nothing but trouble.
"Brian Hammer? Private eye?" She inquired.
"Who wants to know?" I replied, hoping she wasn't here to collect on a bill.
"The name's Mary Golightly."
And on my eyes, yes she did.
"What can I do for you, Mary Golightly?" I asked.
"I need help."
"Lady," I answered, "if you're here because you suspect your husband is shacking up with some two-bit whore, you can just take your beautiful little body out that door, 'cause I don't play that rap. I'm a man's man."
"No, I'm not married."
Sweet music to my ears, not that a ring ever stopped me before.
"Well, what can I do you for?"
"I'm looking for someone." She replied.
"Not Le Tallec?"
"No, Sebastián Leto."
"The Argentinian left winger we signed from Lanús in January?"
I was puzzled... and suspicious, why would a stunning broad like this want to do with some foreign footballing kid. Maybe he was her long lost brother, maybe she was working for another club, or maybe she had some weird infatuation for tall South American footballers.
"I don't know, lady." I declared as I stood up and turned toward the window.
"I have cash."
"I'm on it."

The Lucas situation is pretty well documented. He's injured and is waiting to receive an Italian passport so he'll be eligible to play for us. Leto though is a whole other story. I can find little to nothing about his whereabouts. He was not included in either Argentina's Copa squad nor the U20 World Cup team, which surprised some since he would have brought a different element to the Copa squad that I think they ended up lacking which was true wide players. There's also absolutely nothing on the official Liverpool site about him. He hasn't played in any friendlies nor reserve squad matches, and I don't know his passport situation. The whole situation is a bit odd. If anyone knows what's going on with him, drop me a comment. Thanks.

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