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Liverpool 1, Auxerre 0: half time thoughts

In a match that has been utterly boring, Steven Gerrard scored a beautiful team goal which almost has me not wanting to lambaste Ryan Babel. Well, it's not really his fault, it's not really anyone's fault come to think of it, I could blame Rafa, but I sort of understand what he's doing and it is a pre-season friendly after all.

Basically, Benayoun started on the right and Babel on the left, but about fifteen minutes in, Rafa had them switch sides. Yossi was fine, not just fine, pretty darn good over there, Babel though was utterly useless on the right flank. He turned over the ball almost every time he got a touch, sometimes embarrassingly. Thank Robbie Fowler that about fifteen minutes into that experiment, Rafa moved him up front and slid Voronin over there. Babel wasn't much better there, but he did show some unselfishness on Gerrard's goal by 'faking' for the ball and letting it roll past to the captain.

I hope the goal gives Gerrard a little bit of something because otherwise he's been garbage, which I know is hard to believe but true. He should probably have another goal as well but he 'flubbed' an attempt in the box early on. His passing has been questionable as well, and for some reason he can't see the left side of the field. I'm saying that because he had Babel open there a couple of times early and failed to even notice.

If I had to draw any conclusions from the first half it would be that Babel can't play on the right, Yossi is easily one of our best players already, we have absolutely no pace on our back line when Agger isn't on, and Jack Hobbs just isn't ready for the squad. I hope we get to see some Torres in the second. Anyhow, gotta go, the second half is about to start. Cheers.

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