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Anfield Banter: Shunsuke Nakamura, Luis Garcia, Bolo Zenden, Jerzy Dudek, Gabriel Heinze, Fernando Torres, & another kid inked

* Well, it was only a matter of time until the SPL Player of the Year would be mentioned as a transfer target for Liverpool. We need a left winger, he plays left wing, it makes sense. The only problem is, despite Nakamura believing there is a £1m buyout clause in his contract, Celtic says it doesn't exist and furthermore, they say he's not for sale. I think he'd be an interesting signing and Celtic is full of shit when they say they wouldn't sell him, but I'm sure they'll want more than what he's worth which is probably £10m at most. I would assume it really depends how bad he wants to leave.

* Luis Garcia's agent has said that his client will be joining Atletico Madrid in the next 24-36 hours.

* Bolo Zenden is officially no longer part of the club. He is expected to sign with PSV, where he began his career.

* Jerzy Dudek, who was linked with Real Madrid, has apparently been offered a contract from Bolton. Looks like 'the Slave' is going to be a back-up where ever he ends up.

* Looks like we're not interested in Gabriel Heinze after all? If it's true, thank God. Though I doubt divine intervention had anything to do with it.

* Fernando Torres' contract negotiations is getting a little bit of attention. Some claim he won't settle for less than £100,000 a week, while others say he'll only be offered about £90,000 per a week. Dilemma, dilemma. I personally don't care what he makes, he just better score some damn goals.

* Finally, staying with the Los Galacticos Jovenes agenda, we've added (or are about to add) another Bulgarian youth from CSKA Sofia. This time he's an 18-year-old midfielder named Mihail Alexandrov.

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