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Australia 1, Thailand 0: halftime thoughts

I'm watching the match so I might as well comment on it. First off, Harry Kewell has yet to see the pitch. There were talks of a rift in the Australia camp, but I didn't think it involved King Harry. Second, Tim Cahill has yet to play either. A bit odd. I understand not playing one of those two, but not both. Third, Mark Bresciano is playing like crap. The offense seems to be going through him every time the Aussies push up the ball and he just can't decide what to do with it. Half the time he has someone open on the left, but by the time he can get the ball over there, he's swarmed.

Thailand were looking poised to score for about ten minutes following Beauchamp's header goal, which was quite nice I might add, but have since cooled off. They had one pass trickle across the box to find nobody and Schwarzer, who had a very off game against Iraq in their last outing, has minded the net impeccably. There's no doubt you can tell this match is being played in Thailand, as the home team is getting all the calls. Some of them are a bit baffling, but what are you going to do?

One of the players I really can't stand to watch play is Viduka and he's doing nothing to improve that opinion. The man is as slow as Peter Crouch, but I will give him some credit, unlike Crouch, he stays forward as he probably knows that's best. I think having him or any forward as captain is a pretty dumb idea unless you plan on having the opposing team keeping the ball in your half of the pitch.

I believe the Socceroos need to win this by two goals to advance to the knockout stages and I'm hoping they bring in King Harry to do so. Anyhow, the second half is about to start.

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