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Anfield Banter: Sven, John Arne Riise, Crouchy, Michael Johnson, & Heinze

* Well, I guess today could be Sven Day, as he and Man City are involved in three different stories with us. The first being the most ridiculous suggesting that there is a 'race' for John Arne Riise and that Man City has joined that 'race'. Rubbish. Riise is here to stay until he retires or wants to leave.

* The second story involves Sven's infatuation for Peter Crouch, which if he so desires to bring him to Man City, will cost the club at least £20m. Well, that'll put off any potential suitors, but maybe that's Rafa's point. I think we could get £12m easy for him, which would still be a £5m profit. We already have a ridiculous amount of options at forward and I don't see Crouchy being higher than number four.

* The final story we have involving Sven is Man City's apparent refusal to accept our £4m bid for 19-year-old midfielder Michael Johnson. The U19 England International has expressed his desire to join our club and would be another option on the left if Kewell got injured or Babel were to play forward. He would be another great pick-up, but it's highly doubtful that it'll get done because I think Man City would rather just give him a new contract.

* Finally, it's unfortunately got to be real. If it weren't, it'd probably go away, but it's hasn't. It looks as if there's at least a 50/50 chance that Gabriel Heinze will buyout the rest of his contract with Man U and join us. I don't know what the hell Rafa is thinking on this one, but there's not much I can do about it.

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