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Anfield Banter: More Heinze, Hicks' tease, Hammill loaned, Moyes whines, Smicer goes home, & G'day God

* Though not one game nor one goal nor even one tourney a player makes (including Freddy Adu, you muppets), but if you're Gabriel Heinze, you certainly picked the right time to shine. Even if I take away his spectacular goal last night, I'd still have to admit that he had a good game, and then I wake up this morning and read: 'Heinze 'proud' of Liverpool link.' Sorry, I may be American, I may occasionally make the impulse buy (screw you checkout aisle candy!) and I may have slept with a few women because I wanted to see them naked but would have liked them to put duck tape over their mouths, no one will ever be able to convince me that Heinze would be a good buy for Liverpool. Never. Ever. I like his beard though.

* Tom Hicks told Sky Sports News that he wouldn't rule out Rafa adding one more player. It better be a defender, dammit. Dani Alves is still out there.

* It's a sad day for the Adam Hammill man-love fan club. As President, I had tell the other members that our infatuation has been loaned out to Southampton. Next year lads, next year.

* Poor David Moyes. Oh, don't know who he is? Well, he's the guy that runs that other club in Liverpool. Yeah, the wee one. Apparently, he's lashed out at the big clubs for the 'big spending.' Oh, I'm sorry Moyesy, but you guys did beat us in the Phil Jagielka sweepstakes. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

* One of my personal favorite all time players, none other than Vladi Smicer, has returned home to Slavia Prague. Vladi was revered for his work ethic and was called amongst mates 'the most talented in training.' Though occasionally his flashes of brilliance would reveal themselves during matches, injury kept him from achieving greatness. I guess I have a new favorite team in Czechoslovakia, which I spelt on my first try, I might add. The only time Slavia Praha won the Gambinus Liga was when Smicer played for them way back in 1996. Next time you play the Czech version of Trivial Pursuit, you'll thank me for that last little tidbit.

* Finally, it looks like the God to Sydney FC talks are heating up. Ugh, that means I'm going to have wake up really frickin' early if I want to catch his matches.

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