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Benayoun on board

It looks as if it's official. Yossi Benayoun is now a member of the Liverpool Football Club. If he's beaten out Ryan Babel as the second signing of the off-season has yet to be determined, but it appears so.

I think he's a great pick up. He's creative, versatile, and has proven he can take the beatings of the Premiership doing so the last two seasons at West Ham. What kind of playing time he'll get though might be less up to him and more up to the performances and health of his competition in the midfield.

The Hammers primarily used him on the right, but I doubt he'll be able to take that spot from Jermaine Pennant. JP was dazzling at times last year and put in a good performance in Liverpool's opening pre-season match with Wrexham. On the left, if all goes as planned, Kewell and Ryan Babel will be splitting time. Though Benayoun has a chance to play at that spot, the competition will be fierce as King Harry will try to redeem himself of two years in the physio room and Babel will looking to prove his transfer worth. Save unforeseen consequences which would put Gerrard and Alonso out, chances of him playing in the middle are scarce.

In regards to injury, he might become invaluable, but it's pretty certain that he'll get plenty of pitch time if he can carry the team past the early stages of domestic cups. Whatever happens, at least now we have added depth and quality to our side.

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